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Perfect Job Pie

I see a lot of people struggling with motivation issues in their jobs, this made me think of a perfect job. What would be a perfect job which can drive us from within. A job for which we do not have to drag ourselves out of bed but can't wait for the morning. Where we do not wait for the lunch or the day to end.  This article is about The Perfect Job.

I have come up with four important factors that may make our jobs really enjoyable they are:

  1. Values: We are driven by internal personal values, these are extremely valuable for us they can be Honesty, Integrity or Compassion. A job which is aligned with our values gives us unlimited supply of fuel and courage to fight the odds.

  2. Passion: It is the state called "Flow" in positive psychology. Its when, while doing something we get so engrossed that we lose track of time, hunger or even self. This is what Budha achieved in his meditations. If there is anything productive or constructive that you do that makes you lose track of time, that can be your passion. 

  3. Competence: It is the ability to do something. We are qualified to do things, some of us may not be qualified or certified however are still able to do some stuff really well. We need to choose something that comes naturally to us, without much of an effort. A fish should look at stuff within water, thinking about climbing a tree would not help, having said that I am not asking you to stay within comfort zone but first make the most of the comfort zone. Just like a flying fish that creates so much speed within the water that when it jumps out to catch its prey, others call it a flying fish.

  4. Compensation: Let's accept it, money is essential for sustenance and without it passion and even values may yield nothing or even get compromised. This is the reason why a perfect job has to provide for our and our family's sustenance. This however is becoming a huge challenge due ever increasing avenues of splurging and the never ending medical bills. The result we always feel underpaid which leads to dissatisfaction.

I would like to conclude by saying that any job can be perfect if: it is aligned with our personal values, we lose track of time and achieve "Flow", we have the ability to do and provides sustenance.

I wish you find a perfect job or make the present job perfect.

S.A. Hussaini

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