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List of words and phrases you might be using incorrectly in your emails

These are also known as Indianisms since they are mostly found in India. I have also given alternatives to these words:

1.prepone/Reschedule the needful/ Not required

3.shoot a mail/Send

4.drop a mail/Send

5.drop a line/send an email

6.gentle reminder/ - reminder is enough

7.kind attention/please note

8.what is your good name (avoid "good")

9.myself Ravi/ - I am/My name are things at your end/ How are you?

11.cud u spk 2 ur frnd/ too casual

12.I’m good/I alright

13.Dear Sir/Madam

14.Mr Ravi/Last name - do not use Mr. with the first name

15.Dear All/Team - Dear team is better

16.EOD, COD, COB/Time (its always better to give specific time)

17.&/and ( try not to use ampersand)

18. Best Regards ( regards mean best wishes)

19.T&BR/ Regards

20.FYI & NA/ Please note

21.PFA/ Attached is

22.need to close it/send or complete

23.:)/NR (be careful with the emoticons)

24.Ravi/Kumar/and (when sending the mail to two people use and and not slash)

25.ABCD”/ - do not use colours in formal emails

26.following:-/ only colon

27.revert/reply - Revert means "return to (a previous state, practice, topic, etc.)."

28.I put up in/live or stay

29.I’m working in/with

30.I’m having/have


32.Would request you/please

33.Request you to/please

34.Loss leader/Line of service a mail/Send

36.employee ID/code

37.mail ID/email please help/please

39.BGV/Back Ground Verification

40.Comp. & Ben./Full forms


42.40 pax/ people

43.drop the offer (?)

44.hard copy/original

43.soft copy/scanned

44.cut the call/ disconnect

45.not picking my call/ answering

46.sitting on the file

47.take leave/ on leave

48.give an exam/ take MBA CA real brother

52.first cousin effort basis/ NR

54.(Mr) Spock, SPOC/ Single point of contact

55.will ping you/ message

56.I passed out/ Graduated one thing/ NR

58.out of station/town

59.sleep is coming/ Feeling Sleepy

60.coming Monday

61.cent percent

62.a hi-fi person


Learn how to writing better emails.

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