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4 Steps to develop Mindful Leadership

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. High performance leadership requires an approach that meets today’s global challenges.

Today it’s less about finding solutions and more about creating new ways. It’s less about redistribution of skills and more about fostering creativity. It’s less about competition and more about collaboration. To meet the challenges of this Millennia, our present demands a more Mindful Leadership.

The 4A Mindful Leadership

  1. Awareness: Awareness of self, others and environment is essential to acquire the capacity for deep listening, which is a fundamental component of Mindful Leader. To be aware of the laws and believes that govern us and others, of the mental frameworks that give meaning to our experience, of the fears and apprehensions that prevent us to express our full potential, is a necessary first step to generate and to nourish confident Leadership.

  2. Appreciation: Appreciation of self, others and the environment and even limitations is equally important, we are all unique and hence different from each other. A Mindful Leader does not try to compare one team member with the other but appreciate each for her own strengths and would have a plan for supporting each team member in their journey towards excellence.

  3. Acceptance: Mindful Leaders do not hide their weaknesses from their teams and do not get swayed by either praise and laurels or failures and criticism. A Mindful Leader accepts being a mortal and does not try to come across as super human. Accepting the challenge and operating in the present moment is the biggest strength of a Mindful Leader.

  4. Allocation: Being Mindful of all the resources available in the present is essential for Leadership decisions. A Mindful leader is also aware of the irrational fears and ego that one may operate from and allocates the resources and her own time efficiently for everyone’s benefit. By allocating the energy and resources mindfully, a Leader unlocks the hidden potential of the people as well as the organisation.

Mindful Leadership skills can help any Leader to navigate personal and Organisational challenges successfully with confidence in VUCA world, whether you are a parent, a teacher, a professional, a manager or a top-executive.

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